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Conditioning Treatment
Conditioning Treatment
Living under a blaring sun in a polluted city damages our hair, skin and nails on a daily basis. The toxins contained in vehicle exhaust smoke and other fumes along with the dust that settles on us while walking down a dry road damages & deteriorates the molecular structures of our hair and skin – increasing speed of the aging process.
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Although your skin sheds each of its outer layers every 24 hours and renews itself every 28 days, your hair only grows at an average of 12mm per month with a single strand lasting on your head for up to 7 years!

Without a Conditioning Treatment, your hair is more prone to become brittle, have split ends, grey faster and start falling early.

A Conditioning Treatment gives your hair the flowing benefits:

* Removes all oily, sticky and alien substances from hair and deep cleanses it
* Revitalizes your hair and nourishes it with vitamins required for healthy growth
* Leaves your hair with molecular shield preventing it from further damage
* The gentle hair massage aids in absorbing proteins in to your hair nourishing it and reverses damage

Call us on 0777-368-755 for a Hair Conditioning appointment and our well trained beauticians would select the best type of conditioner to be used depending on the texture, condition and type of your hair. The treatment which lasts about 30-45 minutes would leave you with well nourished, strong and beautiful hair!