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About Mrs. Swinitha Kotelawala
Her career began as a Science teacher at a leading school in Colombo. At school, she encouraged all her to students to become inquisitive towards nature and to explore its hidden secrets - a quest she embarked upon in her post teaching years as a beautician.

Born with natural beauty, cosmetology or beauty culture weren’t Mrs. Kotelawala’s primary interests. However, after marriage she had to give up her teaching post to accompany her husband to England for a short stay where her spare time allowed her to become inquisitive and curious about the latest Beauty Care product launches - while her husband was busy attending his business matters in the UK. This habit plus interest - quickly transformed to an urge and obsession which paved the way for her to study under prominent British Beauty Culturists seeing her qualified in Beauty Culture in the UK, Australia and New Delhi up to Post Graduate level.

It is apparent by the vast number of highly trained and qualified students that graduate from the Swinitha Kotelawala Beauty academy and the number of clients satisfied beyond their expectations - the achievement of Mrs. Kotelawala's goal - “Rendering a valuable service to the Sri Lankan society.”

The Salons & the Academy
In Mrs. Kotelawala’s quest to knowledge of cosmetology, she advanced herself with many secrets that enhances and retains beauty. Being a teacher at the start of her career - the desire to share her knowledge overcame her. She started her first class in the year 1993, with a few students which today have grown into many numbers. In the same year she entered the salon business by setting up her first salon at the YMBA Shopping Complex in Colombo 08. Later on, her daughter Sujani a graduate in Business Administration helped her in expanding her Business.

With more than 50 batches graduating, in her own words, her biggest accomplishment is that she was able to fulfill her desire to serve her motherland. “Beauty culture is the best subject that one could ever teach and feel greatly rewarded” she states adding that the satisfaction she receives through the performance of her students is the fruit and reward she ever long for.

Almost all students who join and graduate through the Swinitha Kotelawala Beauty academy have got themselves well employed in the industry. All Academy certificates are highly recognized both locally and internationally.

The Salons & the Academy